Data Warehouse Solution

A Robust Enterprise Reporting Solution Designed for Higher Ed

DXtera’s Data Warehouse Solution was created by, and for, our members. This collaborative effort has resulted in a manageable and extensible business insights platform designed specifically for institutions of higher education. Through the leadership of DXtera members, including the Community College System of New Hampshire and the University of Hawai’i System, the Data Warehouse is designed by practitioners to meet the complex requirements of institutions both big and small. DXtera is currently entering into the next phase of deployment with additional members and these solutions will be available to our community as early as 2020. 

By joining with DXtera to implement this advanced business reporting environment, you will gain access, and contribute to, the knowledge and experience of our growing membership. DXtera’s enterprise warehouse solution includes an Operational Data Store (ODS) and Data Warehouse and provides tools to configure and manage job processing, dependencies across job functions, enterprise metadata, and access control. 

The Data Warehouse is designed to grow over time, enabling additional data feeds as business needs change while remaining manageable with a limited staff.  DXtera’s Data Warehouse is an enterprise-level solution for managing, organizing, and interpreting data located in existing systems. It is built to work with all popular commercial and open-source reporting and visualization tools, which creates a consistent user experience for faculty and staff who rely on data to do their jobs effectively. 

The Operational Data Store is an enterprise operational data store that can track information across multiple business areas. DXtera’s ODS is unique in that it is designed to consume digital information from multiple enterprise systems typically found in an educational enterprise (SIS, HR, LMS, etc).

If you’re interested in learning more about how DXtera’s Data Warehouse solution can help your institution unearth vital data, email us at