Ed Safe AI Alliance

Managed by the DXtera Community

Ed-Safe AI is an initiative led by Riiid Labs and the DXtera Institute to create standards, certification levels, and processes for applying for certification related to the safe use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) – enabled learning tools.

Riiid Labs and the DXtera Institute will play a catalytic role in initiating the work in each of these three areas and identify subject matter experts to deliver their findings on what should and should not be validated for the standards validation portion of this work. In addition, the certification process will be carried out by third party laboratories and will not be run or maintained by Riiid Labs or the DXtera Institute.

During the facilitation and identification of key partners and subject matter experts, Riiid Labs and DXtera will identify willing candidates to join the creation of the Ed-Safe AI community, which would be a separate community responsible for managing the Ed-Safe AI standards and certification process.

The Ed-Safe AI standards seek to encompass six specific areas in four categories making up the acronym S.A.F.E.

  • S: Safety (e.g., cybersecurity, data security and privacy) and Stability (e.g., financial health and security of the company)
  • A: Accountability (e.g., different accountability goals to various stakeholders)
  • F: Fairness (e.g., equity, ethics and non-bias)
  • E: Efficacy (e.g., qualified improved learning outcomes) and Explainability (e.g., transparency of method, no black box tech)

In addition to these standards, certification levels and a process for applying for certification will be established.  Certification will be carried out by third-party testing organizations.  Key partners are needed for all areas of this initiative and success is defined as creation, adoption and worldwide recognition of Ed-Safe AI standards by all stakeholders with agreed upon certification levels and a streamlined process for certification by third-party testing organizations.

Other areas of support for the Ed-Safe AI initiative include awareness, outreach, improvement, fulfillment and sustainability of our goal to ensure safety with the use of AI in education.

The Ed Safe AI Alliance grew out of DXtera’s AI in Education Community. The AI in Education Community focuses their efforts on how to enable open infrastructure, adapters for anonymization of data, data management capabilities to host large open datasets for use by third parties, and an interest in applying our specifications to create realistic simulated data. 

AI in Education Community

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