Global LER Community

The Global Learning and Employment Records (LER) Community engages with educational entities, technology leaders, policy makers, researchers, governments, standards and staffing organizations, learners, and employers to connect, learn, align, and provide global leadership in the development of a safer, trusted, more equitable ecosystem of digital records of learning, competency, credentials, certification, and employment. The community meets on the second Friday each month. Scroll down or click here to register for our next meeting.

This community is intended to serve as a network of networks. Our efforts will focus on facilitating the sharing of best practices, approaches, and open-source software development that would support the envisioned infrastructure required for LER-related solutions. 

The Community supports the goals of the Global LER, which are to:

(1) build a network of trust for digital credentials in education and employment,

(2) develop and support common definitions, framework, and models,

(3) lead education initiatives to promote understanding,

(4) provide thought leadership to enable and further innovation,

(5) facilitate leadership in a sustainable mutually beneficial ecosystem,

(6) facilitate LER OSE innovation and certification frameworks,

(7) support and grow open source developer communities around all aspects of LER, and

(8) increase the visibility of digital credentials in education and employment through the consistent clear understanding in context for credentials and competencies.

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