NGBD 2020 Symposium

DXtera Institute®, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and contributors are pleased to announce the Next Generation By Design 2020 Symposium will be held May 26-28 in Barcelona, Spain.

We will be following any advisories from the CDC, EU Health Ministries, and the authorities in Barcelona for travel and concerns associated with Covid-19.  As of today, we plan on continuing with the event unless governmental or additional restrictions emerge. 

Use code NGBD to register.


The Next Generation By Design (NGBD) Symposium is an annual event that brings together education industry leaders and practitioners who are actively designing, developing, deploying and promoting next generation software and systems to more effectively support student success. Over the past few years, the Symposium has engaged hundreds of participants from over twelve countries and international organizations in action-oriented discussions that lead to collaborative projects. Learn more about the Symposium in this short video.

This event will consist of three main sessions, each centered around a theme. A keynote speaker will set the context of each session, followed by panelists that share their innovations and insights. There is then significant time for participant engagement in small group discussions to develop actionable projects to collaboratively transform the market.


The themes for the 2020 NGBD Symposium are built off of the topic areas that emerged from the 2019 Symposium. Symposium participants will be engaged in the next phase of development and shared actions.


This effort is focused on bridging the gap between practitioners and technology providers and amplifying the voice of the educational technology consumer community to promote the development of Next Generation software and systems.  This will be exemplified by ecosystems of market choice through the development of software and enterprise systems that can truly plug together (integrable) in any educational enterprise. The goal is for learners, teachers, and educational organizations to choose applications and systems in support of educational and career goals and places a high priority on integrability.


In the education and workforce sectors, the market challenge to draw relationships between learning outcomes, competencies, certificates, job skills, labor market requirements, or degrees is present for all of us and is a failure that prevents the optimization of products,  for the future of work. An emerging vision to enable the learner or consumer to not only exchange desired data amongst numerous entities, but to also allow relationships to be drawn between many existing taxonomies for use by the consumer is demanded. This track will explore and share collective activities to solve this market challenge with a goal of developing the infrastructure needed to build the education and employment marketplace of the future by creating a searchable, machine-readable skills library that draws from both public and private data assets.


This theme is designed to shed light on the innovations that are emerging and have the ability to transform the education institutions (all levels), workforce and industry .  Each panelist has been selected based on their leadership with developing, deploying or scaling an innovative approach to a challenge in education, workforce development or industry.  The innovations and visions presented, along with additional sharing from participants at the Symposium, are intended to spur discussion on collaborations or new efforts.


The NGBD 2020 Symposium will be a collaborative, engaging forum where attendees will:

  • Learn and share best practices and emerging trends to transform the education infrastructure
  • Participate in collaborative discussions among key leaders and practitioners
  • Hear about opportunities to get involved in demonstration projects
  • Develop an action plan for creating and promoting the NGBD environment


Those who attend this symposium are invited to collaborate on projects through the DXtera Institute consortium that bring the NGBD environment forward in actionable ways. Invitees will engage with leaders and practitioners from all areas of higher education:

  • Researchers and practitioners, both from a technology and a pedagogy background from the education sector
  • Educational institution and industry representatives, decision-makers, university presidents, and vice presidents
  • Managers and directors of education who are interested in promoting these technologies in their institutions
  • Education technology entrepreneurs, investors or foundation leaders
  • Policymakers and influencers at all levels of government


Tuesday, May 26 – Thursday, May 28, 2020


Palau Macaya, Passeig de Sant Joan, 108, 08037 Barcelona, Spain


Use code NGBD to register.