Next Generation Education Solutions

The vision of Next Generation Educational Systems is characterized by a departure from traditional, monolithic systems towards ecosystems of educational applications and enterprise infrastructure services that allow for a broadening marketplace of solutions and increased consumer choice.


CampusAPI is the most comprehensive RESTful protocol specification for exposing data and functionality from educational enterprise systems to enable next generation infrastructure.

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EagleApps Student Information System

Built by Boston College, EagleApps is a fully modular solution for managing the core business of colleges and universities, and it is the first service-based enterprise system available for higher education. In partnership with BC, the DXtera Institute will launch a global EagleApps community of practitioners and contributors to help inform and define future directions for this emerging next-generation campus system.

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Next Generation Integration Scorecard

The NGIS is an instrument intended to help institutional consumers of enterprise systems and educational software to measure the readiness of candidate products to support the vision of next generation environments.

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Learner Record

DXtera published the Learner Record Domain Model examination to help accelerate conversations around learner record integration and interoperability. As a reference document, it may also help in navigating the world of enterprise systems, developing standards, and new technologies being leveraged to solve the problem of sharing learner records.

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