SmartCampus University Network

SmartCampus is being developed and deployed through an emerging joint venture with Smart Republic (a multinational firm with presence in France and the UK) and the DXtera Institute (a multinational non-profit organization headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, USA).

Overview of SmartCampus

The SmartCampus (SC) platform is envisioned to be a global social network for defining and navigating knowledge taxonomies and learning pathways with the goal of addressing sustainable practices through global awareness and education. Smart Campus is building next generation tech tools and a global platform for Sustainable Knowledge.  From the platform participants will be able to access offerings that will include a social network, knowledge applications, data management solutions and communities of practices for engaged participants.  

It is being designed using modern modular architecture and the platform itself can be repurposed to support other knowledge domains and educational activities. In short, SmartCampus will allow users to:

  • Create and Manage Taxonomical information, from simple ontologies, to learning outcome and skills mapped across various pathways, to organizational structures.
  • Relate taxonomical information to digital assets, educational offerings, projects, funding opportunities and any other digital information
  • Create and manage digital content within the SmartCampus system, or link to content located elsewhere on any global network
  • Develop traditional or non-traditional educational opportunities, linked to ontological subjects and learning outcomes, to support self-paced, taxonomy-driven learning
  • Create and offer assessments and rubrics aimed at measuring learner understanding and the ability of other resources to support learning outcomes.
  • Link to taxonomically indexed content for inclusion in traditional structured course learning opportunities.
  • Design projects linked to taxonomies for the purpose of creating educational activities or proposing and disseminating information about real-world project opportunities
  • Identify and index global or local financial instruments available to help fund development of projects or educational opportunities based on best matches with taxonomical subjects.

SmartCampus will initially be developed to support the critical needs of organizing, tracking and connecting information related to global sustainability. It will provide change-oriented agencies like the United Nations and the European Union a system of record for managing this kind of information as formally curated knowledge.  This is critical to orchestrating global activities and education and funding opportunities aimed at healing our planet.  It will provide tools for educators to assemble learning outcome based educational pathways.  It will help measure user knowledge and proficiency against learning outcomes and skills in support of sustainability education.  It will help measure how firms, regions and nations are addressing global sustainability goals. In addition to all this, SmartCampus will allow users to describe and promote projects for potential funding by making taxonomical connections with available financial organizations.

But in addition to use as a system of record by these kinds of organizations, the platform will also support any user’s ability to create, manage and expose taxonomies, content, learning opportunities, assessments and projects that bring together both curated information from official sources with their own ontologies, goals and content to create a true social network of global sustainability resources.  The SmartCampus system will be designed to be federatable, allowing any organization to set up its own SmartCampus and linking it as desired to other SmartCampuses worldwide.

SmartCampus University Network

As part of the efforts to support the Sustainable Development Goals, we are forming a Community of Practice as a University Network.  As has been our practice with other efforts under development, we manage a growing community of dedicated practitioners, policy makers and innovators who are seeking to be engaged in furthering comprehensive solutions to complex challenges.  

We are actively seeking participants to join the International University Network and assist us with growing our shared activities.  We envision having geographic focused hubs off of this network to support regional initiatives, research and projects.  

If you are interested in participating in this burgeoning community, please complete the following form and someone from the team will be in touch with you.

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