Data Management Solutions

The value of information comes from its use. The more questions that get answered by more people, the higher the value your organization can get from your data. The most valuable questions are the ones that directly affect a business decision. If the information being processed does not change what your organization is doing in a positive way, then it’s really not that helpful.

Data Warehouse

Everyone at your organization should have access to the data they need, not just a few. The larger a community of data users at your organization, the more effectively that data can be used to inform business decisions at all levels.  Can your user community rapidly generate, analyze and  distribute information? Learn how DXtera’s Data Warehouse solution can help your institution unearth vital data.

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Data Governance and Metadata Management

To  have your institution use data better you need your community to use data better. They need to have a source of information about data. What sort of questions do your users ask? DXtera’s Enterprise Metadata Management tools can help answer these questions and more.

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Hierarchy Integration

Every Institution has multiple ways of describing its structure. We are confident that everyone knows what the “Engineering School” means and it’s universally understood. The underlying systems, however, aren’t all using the same object  to describe the  “Engineering School” . This can lead to reporting anomalies. As part of DXtera’s Data Warehousing project we are creating tools for mapping and monitoring organizational hierarchies to help ensure that all your various hierarchies and rollups are integrated, complete, and consistent over time.

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Enterprise Authorization Management

Does your institution have an authorization process so that it’s easy for users to get access to the information that they need? Do you know at a glance what a user has access to? DXtera can help.

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