Data Management Solutions

DXtera’s robust data integration solutions help take disparate data and turn it into actionable knowledge that generates measurable results. Your organization can get the right information into the right hands quickly and securely.

Data Management Roadmap
The New Data Management Landscape

Data and information are only valuable when it’s surfaced and made actionable. Business decisions should be data-driven and informed, which is why DXtera helps organizations around the world take their existing data and turn them into a clear vision. You’ll have the information needed to make positive changes to your institution without unnecessary technology and hurdles.

If you’re interested in learning more about how your entire organization can benefit from properly managed data solutions that result in integrated information including retention and completion rates, graduation rates, course information, financial data, and more, we’ll help you find the DXtera solution that’s right for your institution.

Enable Institutional Success

DXtera’s data management solution means your organization can get the data it needs quickly and accurately. The value of data only comes when it’s used and applied correctly so we’ve created data management tools that allow your organization to surface actionable information that results in student and institutional success. 

Our data warehouse technology allows everyone at your organization to have access to the data they need in order to perform their jobs at the highest level of productivity. The more people who have access to that data and information, the more effectively that data can be used to inform business decisions at all levels. We take security seriously, so nothing confidential gets into the wrong hands.

Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse

Data Governance

Data Governance


Hierarchy Integration

Enterprise Authorization management

Enterprise Authorization