EagleApps Student Information System

Boston College & DXtera collaborate to launch EagleApps, a Next Generation Campus System

Boston College’s EagleApps is a fully modular solution for managing the core business of colleges and universities, and it is the first service-based enterprise system available for higher education.  In partnership with BC, the DXtera Institute will launch a global EagleApps community of practitioners and contributors to help inform and define future directions for this emerging next-generation campus system.    

EagleApps is more than a traditional student information system, but rather a growing enterprise framework, with functionality that currently includes curriculum management, program requirements management, program enrollment, course scheduling and registration, grading, academic record management, and student account management. EagleApps is entirely customizable and extensible to support the specific needs of various kinds of institutions.

BC and DXtera are inviting colleges, universities and interested parties to join the EagleApps community and be at the forefront of the movement towards next-generation education systems.

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EagleApps Community Webinar Series Schedule

April 16, 2020 –  Introduction and Course Lifecycle Management: This is the first session of the EagleApps community web series.  This session will focus on one slice of functionality related to the various tools for managing and tracking the lifecycle of Courses, including course creation, competency mapping, instructor assignment, aligning with the academic calendar, etc.  Boston College’s specific implementation will be demonstrated and the underlying models that allow EagleApps to be used flexibility across various institutional environments will be presented.

April 23, 2020 – Customization and Configuration of the EagleApps System: Every educational institution is unique, and next generation campus systems must, among other things, support flexibility of user experience, localized vocabulary and alteration of underlying business rules to support the various needs of diverse educational organizations.  EagleApps introduces a number of design innovations for system customization and configuration that will be presented and demonstrated, including role-based application composition, business rules management, localization and flexible integration with other campus systems.

April 30, 2020 – Program Management and Academic Records: In the first functional session of this series we examined the lifecycle of Courses in EagleApps. This session will extend the curricular analysis to include Program management. It will also explore Academic Record management and tools that track a student’s progress through time: from enrolling in programs; to course participation and completion; recording examination results; and culminating in program completion and degrees awarded. As usual, BC’s use of Program and Academic Record functionalities will be demoed, and the underlying models will be presented in order to help participants understand how these components of EagleApps can benefit other institutions.

May 7, 2020 – The EagleApps Community and Implementation Studies: We feel strongly that the future of EagleApps belongs in the hands of those organizations that will use and extend it as a core system of next generation campus infrastructure.  To begin this journey, Boston College and the DXtera Institute are eager to leverage the power of community to develop critical implementation planning materials and develop and refine system documentation and best practices.  We are looking for a handful of organizations to contribute to this effort as they evaluate EagleApps for implementation on their campuses. This session will explore the parameters and benefits of the implementation study process, identity requirements to participate, and outline the scope and scale of the study and outcomes.

If you’re interested in learning more or joining the community email eagleapps@dxtera.org or fill out the form below.

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DXtera Institute & Boston College Collaborate to Launch the EagleApps Community