EagleApps Student Information System

Boston College (BC) is developing and implementing a new next-generation student information system (SIS) that is entirely application based. BC’s EagleApps is a fully modular solution for managing the core business of colleges and universities, and it is the first microservices based enterprise system available for higher education. The DXtera Institute, in collaboration with Boston College, will lead a community of interested colleges and universities in an implementation study to evaluate this innovative technology. The goals of the study include understanding the capabilities and architecture, exploration of incremental deployment options and to help design implementation plans tailored to participating institutions.

EagleApps is a growing platform, with functionality that currently includes curriculum management, program requirements management, program enrollment, course scheduling and registration, grading, academic record management, advising, and student account management. EagleApps is entirely customizable to support the specific needs of various kinds of institutions, with powerful rules management for configuring the system to meet different business requirements and applications that can be assembled together based on different roles and responsibilities within the organization. Its microservice definitions are also designed to serve as integration points with existing student information systems, allowing discrete EagleApps modules to be implemented incrementally alongside existing systems to meet the needs of different schools.

The implementation study, to be led by DXtera Institute, will bring institutions from around the world together to help better understand the parameters of an EagleApps implementation and to launch a global community of EagleApps practitioners and contributors. The community of EagleApps is expected to guide the ongoing development of this enterprise-level product and enable its ongoing evolution. The community will be supported by a global team of experienced software architects, developers, and business users engaged in the shared process.

If you’re interested in learning more or joining the community email eagleapps@dxtera.org