Introduction To NGIS

The vision of Next Generation Educational Systems is characterized by a departure from traditional, monolithic systems towards ecosystems of educational applications and enterprise infrastructure services that allow for a broadening marketplace of solutions and increased consumer choice.

The vision of NGES places a much higher value on the integrability of applications and systems in support of such choice.  Integrability refers to how easy it is for one software application or system to make direct programmatic use of the underlying functionality of another application or system. Highly integrable systems can be easily “plugged” together by the organization or individual who requires a specific integration.  It is also the key to designing next-generation infrastructure.

Currently, the educational software industry does not place a high priority on integrability.  The majority of product design considerations revolve around qualities of user experience, security and performance, which are also very important.  The low priority placed on the ease integration is limited, at best, to the rudimentary approaches defined by current interoperability standards.

There are many reasons for this, but we believe a key issue is that typical consumers of educational software systems (LMS, SIS, VLE, CMS, etc) do not always specify and evaluate, in clear and measurable ways, the quality of integrability when making product choices.

DXtera’s Next Generation Integration Scorecard (NGIS) is an instrument intended to help institutional consumers of enterprise systems and educational software to measure the readiness of candidate products to support the vision of next-generation environments.  It consists of detailed Functional Area Documents that can help an organization assess not only whether a candidate supports required functionality, but also whether it provides the required programmatic touch-points to allow third-party applications to efficiently integrate underlying functionality for persisting information and managing inter-application user experiences.

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