Next Generation By Design Symposia Series

It is time to lead higher education in a new direction and transform the information market to give greater control to consumers.

With greater public understanding of the opportunities, limitations and risks associated with today’s most advanced applications, it is time to transform the current market options and lead the industry in a new direction that enables greater control to the consumer.

Our growing, international community is tackling next generation challenges such as enhanced user experience, information ownership and governance, reducing information redundancy, and security of sensitive or private data.

We call this effort Next Generation By Design (NGBD).

Today’s Landscape

Today’s educational software landscape is comprised of educational software products that have traditionally been monolithic with inflexible user experiences,  loosely connected to each other through poorly aligned information models and awkward strategies for synchronizing information. As a consequence, the information system silos that exist in today’s educational environments do not meet the rapidly evolving needs of today’s educators, learners and educational organizations. More importantly, these teachers, students,  and educational leaders, those who consume and use advanced educational software and systems, have little control over the direction of the industry across the design requirements critical to today’s advanced software needs.

Designing for the Future of Education

The NGBD community is dedicated to designing the next generation of software that will support our goals for student success. We’re elevating the voices of individuals and institutions limited by market failures. We’re deploying the next wave of solutions to provide efficient access to fully integrated data systems.

Together, we’re leading the development of solutions that focus on designing and integrating systems that allow information to be shared easily, timely and accurately across systems, provides improved customization and personalization of the user experience, and addresses the fundamental issues of information agency, focusing on issues of privacy, security and data ownership.

Next Generation By Design Symposia Series

Throughout 2021, DXtera Institute and our partners across the world are hosted a series of collaborative meetings to engage our colleagues and peers in how to design the learning environment of the future. Most of our events took place as side events to other major conferences. We hope you’ll join us to learn more and help us advance this important work.

For more information on these events, contact Lauren Lopez, VP, Operations.

Past NGBD Events and Resources: