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The DXtera Institute helps colleges and universities make use of student data to increase college completion. We turn complex, time-intensive, inefficient digital transactions into optimized, secure, real-time digital integrations across multiple applications. Powered by our members, community-sourced solutions slash the cost of current means of integration, freeing up resources and systems. We provide the training, knowledge, and expertise that colleges and universities desire to promote student success by removing the digital integration barrier.

what we do

Colleges and universities have vast stores of data that can be used to predict which students are at risk for dropping out, target the intervention necessary to prevent them from doing so, and create the means to help these students succeed. But existing information technology systems create unruly data silos that do not communicate effectively and present a barrier for utilizing this data.  Aging systems, shrinking funding and increased reliance on this ever-proliferating technology are just a few of the factors contributing to the data integration problem on college campuses. As a result, this information is inaccessible and largely unusable for improving student completion, so students at colleges and universities continue to fall through the cracks.

As educators, DXtera Institute members understand the challenges of digital integration and the rapid changes occurring in our systems. Through the power of community, we share our expertise and resources to build solutions to overcome digital integration barriers, to enable the use of data where, when and how desired, to empower our institutions to get — and keep — students on a purposeful path.

DXtera Institute hosts a Repository of software connectors and adapters that work within the Integration Framework to support the optimized exchange of data within institutions. The Institute also serves as a clearinghouse for information to support higher educational institutions in the use of the technology, and is a resource for training and capacity building for institutions looking to implement their own solutions.

DXtera Institute instructs and trains college and university administrators and government officials how to use and analyze educational data for the purpose of promoting student success, increasing post-secondary degree completion, and enhancing the delivery of higher education.

DXtera Institute conducts research and publishes best practices about using data to promote student completion in higher education.


DXtera Institute is a community of problem solvers who seek to develop shared solutions for common technology barriers.


DXtera Institute leverages community-built solutions, offering a cost-effective solution for your real-time integration needs.


DXtera Institute improves the capacity of the institution to access and use timely, relevant and responsive data — empowering and balancing the needs of students, higher education institutions and technology providers. A richer analysis of student data can enhance the student experience and support our overarching goal of increasing college student completions.

"We are information rich – with data collected on nearly every aspect of the educational experience – yet our technology status quo is not set up to efficiently or adequately utilize this information. Until we address this barrier, we will not be able to fully innovate.”

- Vijay Kumar, Associate Dean of Digital Learning

News and Events

who we are

DXtera Institute’s strength is in its members — a growing community of innovative higher education institutions and other organizations with leading reputations for leveraging technology to increase student success. DXtera Institute launched in October 2016 on the heels of 15 years of work building solutions by and for the business of education. DXtera Institute is a Section 501(c)(3) supported organization of Strada Education Network (formerly known as USA Funds). Strada is a Section 501(c)(3) organization focused on enhancing student success in postsecondary education. Our development partners include many two- and four-year institutions and systems including the following:

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