Can a Community College System Use Data Transparency to Measure Student Success?

Managing a community college system of seven colleges across the state is no easy feat. Charles Ansell, Chief Operating Officer for CCSNH, works first and foremost to ensure student success across the seven community colleges in the state. 

Learn how the college system identified data integration and transparency as a tool for student success. 


To maintain New Hampshire’s positive economic indicators, including low unemployment and high per capita income, New Hampshire will need sixty-five percent of adults with postsecondary credentials. CCSNH is committed to achieving this vision by 2025. One way they plan to achieve this goal is by advancing their data collection, analysis, and communication efforts to support student success. However, their data lived in disparate systems and there is no central data reporting to measure student milestones for interventions. 

The Tools

Once identifying that building a data warehouse solution in-house was a cost-prohibitive effort, and that an enterprise solution would be too costly without the desired customization, CCSNH chose DXtera’s Data Warehouse solution.

“Knowing that DXtera has some of the best educational technology minds creating a data warehouse made choosing them for our data integration needs a no-brainer,” says Charles Ansell. “Data transparency is the backbone of community building and job fulfillment across the state and helps us steer our network of colleges in the right direction.” 

Desired Outcome

Data is the best way to represent reality. Allowing data to flow from the business side of a college system to the education side of a college system (and vice versa) is paramount to student success. It means hiring transparency, creating a curriculum that serves the community, and most importantly, helps graduation rates. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how CCSNH uses DXtera to achieve their student success goals, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch shortly. 

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