June NGBD Series Summary and Fall Events

DXtera and our awesome community recently wrapped up our June Next-Generation by Design series. Industry experts and leaders around the world shared their experiences, expertise, and knowledge on topics like the impact of open technology, AI in education, and using data to diminish disparities in education. 

We believe that learning is best done through community, which is why we’re sharing the slides and recordings of each of these sessions with you. If you have any questions for the panelists, or want to join like-minded educators, DXtera has a robust community that supports open innovation and collaboration. 

Stay tuned for upcoming events this fall, where we’ll coordinate another round of industry-leading virtual content. Some events include: 

If you’re interested in learning more about the 2021 symposium events, click below. 

Mindtrek & DXtera present “Impact of Open Technology.” 

This robust session from Mindtrek and DXtera focused on why open standards are important to create a fair educational playing field for all and why government support is critical to achieve academic goals for students around the world. You can find the recorded session here

AIED & DXtera present “Spurring Innovation in AI Tool Development to Address Inequities in Education.”

Artificial Intelligence, when properly integrated with innovative educational pathways and effective teachers, offers the potential for powerful predictive tools for developing an effective workforce. It also meets the skills requirements of industry, and enables equitable student success by ensuring learning meets students where they are, instead of assuming all students are on the same path.  

In response, this session explored the disparate components in the market that could be aligned to leverage significant scaling of innovative solutions, infrastructure, and tools available and to be developed through collective effort to reduce the friction from enrollment to completion along the learning pathway. You can find the recorded session here.

If you’re interested in joining our upcoming sessions, or want more information about joining the DXtera community, request membership information today.

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June NGBD Series Summary and Fall Events

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