DXtera Featured in GovTech Magazine

Seeing a need for new AI standards in the ed-tech industry, the education AI company Riiid and DXtera Institute have created the EdSAFE AI Alliance, an international group of tech companies, educators, policymakers, and other ed-tech stakeholders to scrutinize the quality of new AI tools that will inform future regulations on the growing ed-tech. 

DXtera’s co-founder and President, Dale Allen and Riiid’s Chief Officer for Equity in Learning, Jim Larimore, recently sat down for an interview with Government Technology (GovTech) Magazine, where they shared their vision for the future of AI in education. 

“There’s a lot of work to be done to create benchmarks and agreed-upon definitions, standards, and testing procedures,” Allen said of how to meet existing data guidelines. “This is going to be the way forward for collective action.”

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