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Enterprise Authorization

Authorization management is ordinarily not at the top of a higher education institutions list to improve, but the use of clean and regulated data is both critical and foundational to student success and employee productivity. Before diving into the details of how to best determine and give authorization, let’s first define what authorization is. The definition of authorization is determining what allowances someone has, once they are identified.

Data is exploding on campuses and making proper use of it is a must. Certain core data such as Financial, Student, and HR, is sensitive and needs complete and proper management. All institutions have the responsibility of controlling sensitive data. You hear in the news of hackers breaking in and stealing data, so it is often dismissed as a technical problem that a firewall can guard against, rather than a business issue. Yet, there is also a significant risk of an employee’s actions leading to a data spill or misuse. One of the first steps to reduce this potential misuse is to restrict access to the data itself. Many business processes make use of this data, so many employees have a legitimate need to access it. 

Using data effectively is a key to student success and your institution should make it easy for employees to access the records they need.

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