DXtera’s 2020 Year in Review

2020 was strange for everyone. Globally, education was front and center as educators and administrators alike had to navigate a pandemic that upended the way we teach and learn. But with great adversity comes great advancement and DXtera’s contribution to positive change was profound this year. 

Here are the highlights of the amazing things our community has accomplished. 

  • We officially launched the Eagle Apps community with Boston College. EagleApps is a fully modular solution for managing the core business of colleges and universities, and it is the first fully service-based enterprise student information system available for higher education.  In partnership with BC, the DXtera Institute has launched the global EagleApps community of practitioners and contributors to help inform and define future directions for this emerging next-generation campus system.
  • Data management solutions continue to be sharpened. DXtera’s comprehensive solutions (enterprise data hub, service hub, data warehouse, and related applications) mean institutions are in control of their data from any system or silo and who has access to it. At DXtera, we believe that the value of information comes from its use, which is why we’re transparent about our product roadmap and getting valuable tools to our community.
  • DXtera & Riiid! Labs Collaborate. We’re aiming to eliminate inequities in education through the development of infrastructure and open datasets designed to accelerate the creation of Artificial Intelligence tools around the world. DXtera is managing the AI in Education Challenge in collaboration with Riiid! Labs. 
  • DXtera & Smart Republic launched the Smart Campus Joint Venture. Through this Joint Venture, we are establishing a social knowledge network aimed at charting new forms of sustainable collaboration with a growing community of global partners contributing creative thoughts and deeds to make 2021 a pivotal year for combating sustainability challenges through innovation.
  • We moved our annual Symposium online. Education leaders around the world joined DXtera for the Next-Generation by Design Symposium (NGBD) where we tackled comparative taxonomy management, next-generation education systems, and new frontiers in ed tech, while building the momentum for an expanded NGBD Series for 2021.
  • We launched the Learner Record Gateway (LRG) initiative. Addressing the “first mile” challenge in sharing academic records, LRG empowers students themselves to decide where their institutionally held academic credentials should go, while at the same time allowing credential granting organizations the ability to assure that only accurate and verifiable information is being shared.
  • DXtera continued to expand our consortium and collaborative activities. In 2020, we engaged by joining forces with Open Skills Network, T3 Network, Competency Catalyst (C2), German Alliance for Education, and Educloud Alliance. The activities with all of these partners (and many more) will continue to support our vision of creating next generation systems that transform the ed tech marketplace to better meet the needs of institutions and learners.  

2021 is going to be a productive, exciting, and transformative year for many. If you’re interested in joining a community of innovative leaders seeking to disrupt and improve the education technology landscape, we encourage you to join DXtera. Together, we can make a difference in the way educators create success. 

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